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John Seely Brown

CLOUD COMPUTING We also spent the past year combining extensive research and industry insights to explore the topics of cloud computing and next-generation Web services.

This resulting publication explores the topic from different perspectives: business drivers, architectural models, and transformation strategies:


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  • Demystifying clouds: Explores the characteristics of next-generation architectures – cloud and service grid – that have the potential to support substantive changes in global enterprise constructs and operations.
  • Moving information technology platforms to the cloud: Provides insights into IT platform architecture transformation from existing to next-generation architectures that will help companies:
    • Simplify the architectures
    • Better align them with businesses they enable
    • Provide the means to externalize and manage policies across all architecture layers
  • Motivation to leverage cloud and service grid technologies: Discusses the pain points that might be eliminated by migration to next-generation architectures.




THE BIG SHIFT (newsletter frm John Seely Brown - 2009 december)

Corporate returns are under pressure from far more than the recession. The patterns we’ve uncovered at the Deloitte Center for the Edge span decades and deeply affect even the highest performing companies, with the single greatest driver of these challenges, and indeed future opportunities, being our underlying digital infrastructure that continues its exponential advancement, disrupting one business model after another, increasingly shifting power to the customer and challenging the very purpose of the 20th century firm. Yet firms, from our point of view, are now more important than ever. They must be reframed as do our learning institutions.


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